The International Coaching Federation refers to coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” Coaching recognizes that the client is the expert in their own world (both in life and in work) and knows every person is creative, resourceful and whole.

The coaching process identifies where you are now, where you want to be and then closes the gap.  The coach does this through the following:

  • Discovering, clarifying and aligning where the client wants to be
  • Encourages self-discovery and trust within the client themselves
  • Elicits client generated strategies and solutions
  • Keeps the client accountable and ensures they are taking responsibility for themselves
  • Provides support to their client

Coaching is NOT

  • A quick-fix one size fits all approach for your current challenges afterall each human I have met is unique
  • Therapy or counseling.  However, some of my clients have their own licensed practitioner for psychotherapy and have me as their coach.
  • Giving advice.  You are the expert in you. I will ask you questions so you can develop clarity and insight into your own life.

If you think coaching may be right for you, contact me here.

There are many benefits associated with coaching. Some of these benefits include:

  • Creating your life by your design
  • Simplifying your life
  • Learning self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Feeling more connected to yourself and to others
  • Developing greater self-awareness
  • Gaining more job and life satisfaction
  • Learning to trust yourself
  • Taking greater responsibility and accountability for your life
  • Making bold declarations and commitments
  • Taking action on projects you create
  • Improving time management skills
  • Improving decision making ability
  • Reduce feeling alone, I will be your support partner for accountability
  • Increased leadership skills whether at work or at home
  • Coaching looks at you as a whole and complete, creative and resourceful human being.  People operate on many levels including the mind, body and spirit.  Coaching looks at your relationships, your career, your self-care routine, your fun and play.
  • Coaching looks at what you are “doing” as well as your “being” which is underneath all the doing.
  • Coaching supports you to trust yourself more.
  • Coaching builds connectedness within all aspects of your life – which will positively impact your well-being.
  • Coaching has you find and see deeper meaning in life.
  • Coaching allows transformation to occur within you at a deep level
  • As your coach, I will respect you as the expert in your own life.  I will ask you questions so you can develop clarity or insight into your life.
  • I will be curious and non-judgemental.  This creates a safe and supportive environment, so you can be honest and open in your sessions with me and more importantly with yourself.

Sometimes things just are the way they are without us knowing the reasons why.  We must just accept some things.

If coaching interests you click here to contact me.

Coaching engagements last 6-12 month or longer.  This depends on the number of areas you choose to work on and the desired goals.

All major CC (Visa, MC, AmEx, Discover, etc.) Venmo, Paypal, Check

I am a Robbins-Madanes (Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes) trained coach.

I am a Strategic Intervention trained coach.

I am a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching (AC), a year-long ontological coach training program. Ontological coaching is about your BEING and how you are BEING while you are DOING life. Accomplishment Coaching is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program. My yearlong training included 12 live weekend intensives along with constant distance training allowing for powerful self-transformation. During my year-long training program I was trained in more than 290 tools and distinctions around coaching.  This rigorous training included business and organizational coaching, executive and leadership coaching, finances, self-care which is your health and well-being, relationships, and spirituality. I was provided with a dedicated Mentor Coach for myself throughout the year.

I have applied for Board Certification through Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) a non-profit governing board. Because unlike virtually any other profession, including counseling and psychotherapy, efficacy in business and life coaching is not based on expert knowledge, but on the skill of assisting coaching clients to leverage their own knowledge, thoughts, actions, gifts, etc. In other words, coaching is a skill set, not a knowledge base.

I have applied for ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation: The ICF is the global standards body for coaching.  They establish core competencies for coach training, a professional code of ethics for coaches, and accreditation for coach training programs that meet their elite standards.

Coaching can absolutely be done over the phone or video conference.  Most of my clients choose to use a video conferencing platform called Zoom which is available online or via App Store.

I will request a topic of your choosing and why this is important to you.  You will determine what larger meaning this has in your life and what the desired outcome of the call should be.


Client: I am having an issue at work, I notice I often don’t speak up for myself.

Coach: How do you want to show up at work?

Client: I think I feel that my input is not important. I want to feel more empowered to contribute and stand up for myself.

Coach: What will this give you access to?

Client: This is freeing and will build my confidence. It may also help me to fit into my team better.

Coach: So by the end of this call what do you want to walk-away with?

Client: A recognition of when I am not in my power or feeling less than, like my input doesn’t matter.  And some method like snapping a rubber band on my wrist to snap me out of my disillusioned thoughts.

Once a coaching request is obtained then the real work inside the session begins.

My phone is 609-300-4321

My email is kim@kimlevincoaching.com

My Zoom room ID is: 273-307-4895

You can also go to my contact page.

Or to schedule a time to speak to me, please use this calendar link.

Many people and businesses realize what athletes have known for years – that is coaches are an important aspect of a team. Having someone on your side to support you with skills, insights and experience is invaluable.


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