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I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I’ve been in this body for over 50 years and I feel full of energy and love. I went to college at the University of Delaware as a Math major.  I started my journey as a high school math teacher where I helped grow and develop our youth.  After getting tenured I took a years leave of absence to join the Corporate world and bring real world math into the classroom.

I joined CIGNA doing actuarial analyst work. I came to realize analytics was not what kept me going it was the interaction with people. I transitioned into a sales role. For the best two decades (yes 20 years) I was an executive pharmaceutical representative with Merck.

While my myriad of experiences have been fulfilling each in their own way, there was still a deeper level of pure satisfaction that I longed for. True personal satisfaction is not achieved by your paycheck, title or other forms of external validation. My life has fundamentally shifted by applying the principles and tools that my coaching technique offers.

I am committed to supporting others through a similar journey of personal development. I am currently affiliated with the International Coaching Federation.  I offer both group and individual coaching. Let’s see what’s possible for you.

Reach out at kim@kimlevincoaching.com or 609-300-4321.


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© 2021 Kim Levin Coaching. All Rights Reserved. | Innovafire Web Design Solutions